Chris Denson: Web Design

Innovator. Author. Host. Producer.

Chris Denson is an award-winning innovation advocate, marketer, host, and humor-inspired content creator. When Chris reached out, he needed a new website built to showcase his brand to Fortune 500 companies in time for 2021's SXSW event – which left us with 6 weeks to accomplish this.

High-Fidelity Prototypes
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Chris Denson: Web Design

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Innovator. Author. Host. Producer.


Chris Denson

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Adobe XD

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On our first call, Chris expressed a desire to have a website that reflected him and his brand personality – something energetic, playful, but professional. He wanted to get it done in approx. 6 weeks time in time for his attendance at SXSW.

We went through several mood boards and concepts to nail down the aesthetic he wanted, looking for examples of color, spacing, and bold design.

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Hi-Fidelity Mockups

Despite not having the luxury of time on our side, Chris graciously gave us a site outline to build on. We decided to skip the usual hand-drawn mockup+ wireframe stages and jumped right into full mockups to get the project moving forward.

We decided to focus on mocking up iterations of the homepage, drawing up about 6 versions for Chris to review before advancing to other pages. It was important that we understood what design he felt aligned with his brand best.

Once we nailed down the design direction, our design team finished designing the remaining pages while the development team got to work on building the site's structure and the homepage in Webflow.

Below are some of the design ideas that didn't make the cut.

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As design was completing the remaining pages, we began Webflow development by structuring CSS hierarchies for style uniformity.

Instead of relying on flexbox to lay out our sections, we based the entire site on CSS grid. This gave us flexibility to move around elements at will, especially on responsive screens like mobile.

This let us build the site as accurately as possible to the original designs.

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Chris Denson
From the first minute I spoke with Tony, he took the mess in my head and turned it into solid gold. Consumate gentleman, professional, and incredible at his craft -- with impeccable customer service to boot.

Chris Denson


When working under a tight deadline like this one, quick and fast communication is key. As a client, Chris' responsiveness to emails and texts made this project move quickly. We were able to make decisions fast and get this entire site done from idea to launch in 6 weeks time.

A big thank you to Ashley Hayes for her design chops and overall assistance with this project.


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