Her Own Lane: Web Design

A place for womxn entrepreneurs, freelancers & creatives

Her Own Lane is a woman-founded, women operated company aimed to equip women with the right tools & resources to successfully run her own business. My role was to redesign their website by collaborating with founder Nicole Garcia.

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Her Own Lane: Web Design

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A place for womxn entrepreneurs, freelancers & creatives


Her Own Lane

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Information Architecture

The first step in this project was to lay out how and where the most valuable and relevant information would go. Through collaboration with the client, we identified the areas key to the company's vision and worked to tell the story and how it helps its target audience.


Once we had the information structure laid out, I began putting together wireframes to see the flow of the site at a high level. Since this particular client was a creative herself, I knew that the design work would be much more collaborative than usual, so my concern here was to make sure the organization of the content made sense.

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Visual design was extremely important to this client. She wanted to express a powerful, woman-centric message without the site feeling overly feminine, so I understood that getting this aesthetic would be key to moving this project forward. After getting the wireframes completed, I started designing homepage mockups so that the client could begin to visualize where I wanted to take the design. Through collaboration and her creative input, we landed on a design aesthetic she felt confident in.


After agreeing on the aesthetic, I began designing prototypes of the rest of the site's pages inside Adobe XD. Each page needed to feel unique and as part of the greater story at the same time, so designing the right balance was key.

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Once all was approved, I built the site on Squarespace using their Squarespace Developer Tools and their Base Template and coded away until we had a finished product.

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Her Own Lane
Thank you Tony!

Her Own Lane


For this project, information architecture was important to get right up front.

This client is extremely passionate about her target audience and it was important that the story and the information presented was relatable to her target audience for the site to be effective.

Without it, the site would just be a pretty site with no substance.

The one thing that I would've done differently would be conducting user research.

Because this was a brand-new site, we didn't have any real analytic research to study behavior and trends, so the client and I decided to jump into strategy right away.

However, I think that, with the right user research, we could have been able to uncover something we may have missed.

Surprisingly enough, the biggest challenge here was getting the rest of the pages to balance well with the approved design direction.

I had run through many iterations to get to a point where the design felt on par with the overall desired feel.

To draw inspiration, I looked deep into the company's Instagram account and would just study and observe how they were presenting themselves on social media to get the right look

The collaboration with a fellow creative was refreshing.

This particular client was very intentional about every detail - from the font sizing to the color choices - so it was refreshing to see someone care so much about the details like myself.


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